Deanseley Survey

PACT Patient Survey – Spring 2019

At the request of Tracey Weetman, Nurse Consultant in Cancer Care and Leslie Thorpe, Macmillan Primary Care Nurse Coordinator, PACT volunteers conducted a survey of patients attending the Deansley Centre over five days from 29th April to try to find out why some patients were not attending for their appointment after being fast tracked by their GP.

A total of 182 patients were interviewed. Typical questions were:-

Did your GP put you on a fast track appointment? – Yes 58% No 23%
Some patients were referred by other trusts, via A&E , screening or internal referral

Did your GP discuss the reason? Yes 47% No 30% Not applicable 20%

Did you understand the urgency and reasons given? Yes 69% No 14% Not Applicable 5.5%

Did your letter state to bring anybody with you? Yes 74% No 14%

Were you accompanies by a relative/friend? Yes70% No 20%

Were you invited to attend hospital within two weeks? Yes59% No 21% Not applicable 9%

Did you attend your first consultation? Yes 86% No 1%

Have you missed any appointments? Yes 4.5% No 91%
Most had missed just one appointment.

What do you believe are good reasons for not attending an appointment?
None 59%, Illness 32%, Work/Family 2%

Could you easily get hold of your consultant’s team to rearrange appointments? Yes 88.5% No 9.5%

And Do you know where to access help? Yes 49% No 42%

How do you travel? Own Transport 77%, Public Services 10%, Taxi 5.5%,
Volunteer Driver/Hospital Transport 5%

Some interviews were interrupted by patients being called in to their appointments making abnormalities.

As a result of this survey and comments by patients, a number of recommendations were made for the hospital management, Deanesly Management, The Macmillan Centre and Wolverhampton CCG.

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