PACT Team Skills

The Wolverhampton PACT organisation was founded in 2002 and its’ members have many skills as expert cancer patients gathered over a period of time.  Members of the team have worked with Cancer Professional Consultants, Managers, Cancer patients and Researchers over this twelve year period to improve cancer services in the region.

As part of the PACT work-plan for 2014/15 the team want to ensure that their skills are noted and used by the healthcare professionals who may have a need of this unknown and untapped resource.

Listed below are examples of their skills:

  1. Chairing Meetings
  2. As members of recruitment panels for healthcare professionals bringing a patient perspective.
  3. Knowledge of many site specific cancers- drawn from their own cancer in addition to working on GMCN site specific and cross cutting groups.
  4. Knowledge of the new NHS landscape
  5. Organising cancer events
  6. Panel to look at any newly written health leaflets in a critical manner and advise on the readability/suitability for patient use.
  7. Knowledge of quality systems and peer review of services- Trained NHS peer reviewers who are able to look critically at services whilst working with healthcare professionals.
  8. Knowledge of start- up of support groups
  9. Reviewers of patient environments for the local Trust
  10. Members have national experience of panels and networks.


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