Terms of Reference

  • Be an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and information between statutory and voluntary cancer service providers. 
  • Identify and voice a broad range of patient and carer views. 
  • Ensure that health care professionals and users meet as equal partners. 
  • Provide a formal link to the Patient Partnership group and onwards to the GMCN Board. 
  • Overcome barriers to user involvement. 
  • Increase health care professionals’ understanding of the patient/carer perspective and vice versa. 
  • Maintain an overview of all patient involvement in the area. 
  • Membership will be reflective of the local and surrounding communities and will aim to reflect representatives from each common cancer site and carers. Representatives will also come from a mix of health care professionals, social care, and the voluntary sector. 
  • Provide an informal link to Links (Local Involvement Networks) and PALS (Patient Advisory Liaison Service) support groups and other local community groups so that the groups are aware of each others agenda. 
  • All team members will be offered to attend training workshops. 
  • Meetings will be held every six weeks. 
  • Team members are responsible for networking within the community across the network. 
  •  Work together on projects, improvements, patient information and the evaluation of literature. To be a source for consultation on matters around cancer, collectively and individually. 
  • The elected patient Chair(s) and Vice Chair(s) should be in post for two years. The Vice Chair(s) and any other member should stand for election at the end of the period.  The retiring Chair(s) can if they wish, take the title “Past Chair(s)” and work in an advisory support capacity with the new Chair(s) for one more year. 
  • Terms of Reference should be reviewed annually. 

Reviewed and agreed on 15th September 2011 

Diane Wright & Janet Aldridge         Co-Chairs

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