Work Plan

ObjectiveAction PlanPerson ResponsibleCompletion DateAchieved Date
To plan annual programme and arrange appropriate speakers as appropriate to relevant issuesEmail dates for 2011ChairsOngoingDates sent April – Ongoing
To update PACT welcome pack and create an A6 Postcard with PACT on.Include the annual programme. Ensure it is kept up to date for distribution to new and existing members.

Arrange design & printing of postcard

Janet, Diane & Ann




To plan recruitment drive for PACT and visit groupsArrange rota for members to talk to all NX Support groupsPat Roberts, Jean Hancox & any other memberOngoingDates sent April – Ongoing
To submit information on W/ton PACT to the GMCN websiteUse Partnership templateChairsMayApril
Continue to work on the pathway and other pathways as required by the hospital Trust.Ensure that patients have smooth transition along their pathways. Work with community nursesAll membersOngoing
Continue to be involved at all levels in the Trust and NetworkInternal Verification/PEAT/ Macmillan Information Centre/LIT/NSSG’s/ Partnership.All membersOngoing
Contribute to the Partnership NewsletterTo make sure our voice is heard throughout the NetworkChairs/Vice ChairsMay(COMPLETED)
Continue to support the Wolverhampton Cancer SurveyServe on the steering groupSteering group membersOngoing

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